Exploring NexGen Cloud Communication Tech at WICC in Shanghai

InCountry Staff

World Internet Communication Cloud Conference (WICC), was held during the end of November, 2019. Almost one thousand developers gathered together in Shanghai, China and ten thousand watched the live broadcasting during the conference. They came for one reason, to ‘Explore Next Generation Cloud Communication Technology and Evolvement’.

The event was hosted by RongCloud, the Director of Ministry of Industry and Information Technology of P.R.China, tech leaders from Alibaba Cloud, Baidu, JD, AWS were invited to speak during conference.  As well as our very own, Neil Han, Head of Solutions Engineering at InCountry who was invited to deliver the keynote speech and participate in a panel discussion.

Based on his previous experience at Twilio in cPaaS (Communications Platform as a Service), Neil shared the Development and Trend of Global cPaaS; where cPaaS was built on a single public cloud provider, born to virtualize everything developers need to build robust communications capabilities that are exposed through a simple to use API. Neil shared insights on how he’s seen and tackled these challenges successfully in his previously with unique marketing and sales approaches.

The largest cloud provider can only have max 19 countries to have their data centers running. However, more countries are strengthen their data laws to ask companies to store their regulated data within the country.  This specifically pertains to regulated data like personal profile data, health data, transaction data, employee data and payment data. Navigating the labyrinth of these regulations and compliance requirements is the new ‘mission impossible’ for most companies and companies must comply to accelerate their internationally growth. That’s how InCountry was born and why Neil joined our team at InCountry, our mission is to help companies grow with Data Residency-as-a-Service via our APIs. We ensure companies are compliant with regulations, so that they can close deals blocked by compliance issues.

Neil ended the speech with outlooks that the data regulations from many countries are opportunities for companies to seize, because whoever is compliant first in those countries, will have the first mover advantage to those markets. Not only for SaaS/PaaS platforms, but for any consumer applications as well.