IDC: The InCounty platform as a unique solution for data residency challenges in Privacy Shield report

IDC: The InCounty platform as a unique solution for data residency challenges in Privacy Shield report

We continue to feel the increasing pressure of legislative changes on the business environment and the need to introduce a new vision of data localization by global market players.

Let’s dive today into one of the latest IDC reports: The European Privacy Implications of the Schrems2 Ruling on Cloud Service Providers”, in which they analyse Privacy Shield implications, the importance of BYOK/HYOK, cloud providers’ storage status, and of course the data residency challenges when adopting SaaS applications.

The full report is available here

The European Data Protection Board (EDPB) released its long-awaited guidelines in November 2020, outlining the European Data Protection Authorities’ requirements for how organizations can handle international data transfers, as well as additional steps businesses may take to protect themselves from overreaching government monitoring outside of Europe.

So, let’s see six measures outlined in the guidance for data experts:

IDC frame

Due to current restrictions, many businesses should be more attentive to their investment plans in the technology stack and cloud-based solutions taking into account the provision of geographical flexibility and compliance with international data transfer rules. Quite a lot of businesses are trying to solve this problem and storing sensitive data as much as possible in Europe.

The EDPB guidance, on the other hand, stresses the lack of adequate technical measures to protect data where simple cloud-based data processing is needed — an evaluation that could dramatically interrupt daily business operations.

Сloud infrastructure providers and SaaS vendors are actively looking for ways to propose their customers’ best practices to meet new regulations. It means that privacy and security-by-design mechanisms should be incorporated into vendors’ business capabilities and consumer offerings by default.

IDC analysts mentioned:

InCountry’s “data residency as a service” offers a unique solution to this problem. Its platform provides the application integration and infrastructure to enable SaaS vendors such as Salesforce and ServiceNow to bring their apps into compliance with EU countries’ data residency requirements”.

InCountry platform and services consist of a certain number of solutions for security and monitoring that come together. We can recombine configuration and setup processes depending on customer needs: monitoring services and hosts for outages, performance degradation, and significant metrics spikes, continuous security compliance, security events management and monitoring for breaches and other security issues, etc.

To learn more about SaaS adoption and the Data Residency Dilemma, you can jump into one of our latest blogs from InCountry VP of Product, Samer Kamal.

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