Webinar – Data Residency for ServiceNow

Webinar – Data Residency for ServiceNow

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ServiceNow is one of the most popular SaaS applications out there, with thousands upon thousands of businesses relying on it to help them function. When companies seek to expand into new territories however, their ServiceNow instance won’t automatically be compliant, as different countries have adopted vastly different data protection regulations as of late, meaning data compliance is more complicated now than it has ever been.

How then can a company protect and localize its ServiceNow data without delaying or impacting its functionality? Find out in our informative webinar as we answer all your questions and discuss:

  • How taking a holistic approach to data compliance helps your business expansion without disruption
  • Why data residency is a regulatory requirement, and how InCountry changes the game for data compliance professionals
  • How simple the InCountry for ServiceNow integration is by showing a live demo
Securely store Salesforce data in 90+ countries with InCountry Data Residency-as-a-Service