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Our SDKs make it easy and secure to store records in their country of origin

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Use the SDK for your language
Use pip or pipenv to install the package:
pip3 install incountry

and now use the SDK:

> import incountry

> incdb = incountry.Storage(zone_id=..., api_key=..., secret_key=...)

> incdb.write(country='jp', key='key1', body="Store this data in Japan")

> r ='jp', key='key1')
> print(r)
{'body': 'Store this data in Japan', 'key': 'key1', 'key2': None, 'key3': 
None, 'profile_key': None, 'range_key': None, 'version': 1, 'zone_id': 645}

> incdb.delete(country='jp', key='key1')
> r ='jp', key='key1')
> print(r)

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