Data Residency
for Salesforce

Webinar / May 17TH 2023 / 4 pm CEST

Multinational businesses need their Salesforce orgs to comply with data residency and data governance requirements across multiple countries. InCountry is hosting a webinar that will explain how Salesforce customers can be compliant with data residency requirements in strictly regulated countries such as China, Indonesia, Saudi Arabia, and more.

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Karim Hopper
Karim Hopper
InCountry, SVP of Sales

Karim is Vice President of International Sales. He has previously held leadership roles at Accenture and Amazon Web Services and has spent the past decade driving customers to Cloud SaaS and IaaS solutions - addressing and overcoming regulatory, security, risk and compliance barriers in the process.

Peter Prose
InCountry, VP of Customer Success

Peter previously ran solutions engineering for Sapho, a high growth startup acquired by Citrix. Previously, he was the head of business intelligence at Evolution Financial Group, a Japan-based hedge fund. Peter also worked at UBS and Barclay's.

Main topics

  • How companies operating in multiple countries can store, process, and deliver Salesforce-regulated data to satisfy data residency requirements for each country while running a single Salesforce org
  • Real use cases from the Fortune 500 companies in life sciences/pharma, retail, and automotive industries
  • Live Demo
  • Q&A

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