InCountry Becomes the Key Data Residency Partner of Yandex Gateway to Russia Project

InCountry, the world’s first global data residency-as-a-service platform, today announced it would be joining the Yandex Gateway to Russia project. Since partnering with Yandex.Cloud to help companies enter the Russian market quicker and easier than ever before, Yandex Gateway to Russia has become the key focus of how to accomplish that feat.

Yandex.Cloud, as the largest domestic cloud services provider in Russia, has unique insight in and experience with the Russian market, making them an ideal choice for starting this project. The main Russian data protection law, Federal Law No. 152-FZ, requires the data of Russian citizens to be stored locally before being sent abroad for processing. Thanks to Yandex Gateway to Russia, companies will be able to achieve compliance with 152-FZ by having their regulated data stored locally in Yandex.Cloud data centers.

This capability means that the joint services will be the easiest and most secure entry point into the Russian market for international companies seeking to expand. Since companies can continue using their existing SaaS applications with the InCountry platform, they will not need to search for locally compliant software or find data silos to store regulated data. Additionally, by streamlining compliance, companies gain new revenue streams without needing to build and maintain complex stacks that would drain large amounts of internal resources.

“We’re so excited to have partnered with Yandex.Cloud and joined the Yandex Gateway project,” said Peter Yared, CEO and Founder of InCountry. “The InCountry on Yandex Cloud platform will bring the Russian market closer to international companies more than ever before.”

About InCountry

InCountry is the data residency-as-a-service platform, enabling data compliance by storing and processing data in its country of origin. With services in Russia and over 90 countries worldwide, InCountry helps international companies scale in an era of fluctuating regulations and logistical challenges. The company is headquartered in Miami, with offices in Abu Dhabi, Rostov-on-Don, Minsk, and Singapore.

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