Data Residency is key

Transform your applications to enable local compliance and security Map your controls and improve your compliance program while still leveraging the cloud.

Deployment Stack

Our solutions can be implemented quickly and cost-effectively, adapting to the amount of customization and control you need

InCountry REST API and SDK

Our SDK and API services tailor to a broad level of customization and types of applications and managing data across InCountry’s points of presence worldwide. The SDK is available in multiple languages and allows for encryption while maintaining the keys.

You can connect directly or transit via the nearest point of presence to your application’s country to accelerate connectivity. Both SDK and API support direct data logic execution using secure micro containers with serverless functions.

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InCountry Border

InCountry Border enables personal information to be fully contained within a country’s borders. Web service calls between your users’ web browsers and your globally distributed web application is proxied through InCountry’s points-of-presence in specified countries. Personal information is automatically removed, encrypted and reinserted from web service calls.

InCountry Border can be deployed by your operations team with no coding changes to your application. Seamless security is provided with a domain overlay model so that web service calls and authentication cookies can be passed to your existing web service endpoints. InCountry Border also supports legacy monolithic applications that use well-structured HTML.

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InCountry Single-Tenant

InCountry’s Single-Tenant offering. Rest assured with dedicated and secure hosts in every country you operate, with no shared infrastructure and are fully isolated from other network traffic. Our network operations team will fully manage your dedicated hosts across all of our points of presence, including updates, systems management, and backups.

Continue to use InCountry SDK or InCountry Border with your own dedicated hosts, with the option to interleave additional countries with shared infrastructure.

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SaaS Integration

InCountry provides fast, simple and more efficient data residency integration solutions for SaaS products. Customers can continue using the SaaS products they love, without worrying about data residency compliance. With minimum configuration, customers can pick what data to localize within InCountry’s local point of presence without requiring the SaaS vendor to make any changes or affecting existing functionality.

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