Data Residency is key

Expand your product to include data residency and unlock global expansion overnight.
Accelerate your company's ability to do business globally with InCountry's easy-to-integrate solutions.


Whether your product incorporates profile, finance, health, employee or payment data, we’ve got you covered.

InCountry SDK

The InCountry SDK encrypts and decrypts your data on your server and manages storage acorss InCountry’s points of presence worldwide. The SDK is available in Java, PHP, and Python and uses each platform’s underlying encryption libraries. You retain your encryption keys.

The SDK can connect directly to any Point-of-Presence in InCountry’s network, or transit via the nearest point of presence in your server’s country to accelerate connectivity worldwide.

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InCountry SDK

InCountry Border

InCountry Border enables personal information to be fully contained within a country’s borders. Web service calls between your users’ web browsers and your globally distributed web application is proxied through InCountry’s points-of-presence in specified countries. Personal information is automatically removed and encrypted and decryption and reinserted from web service calls.

InCountry Border can be deployed by your operations team with no coding changes to your application. Seamless security is provided with a domain overlay model so that web service calls and authentication cookies can be passed to your existing web service endpoints.

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InCountry Border

InCountry MSP

InCountry’s managed service provider offering. Rest assured with dedicated and secure hosts in every country you operate, with no shared infrastructure and are fully isolated from other network traffic. Our network operations team will fully manage your dedicated hosts across all of our points of presence, including updates, systems management, and backups.

Continue to use InCountry SDK or InCountry Border with your own dedicated hosts, with the option to interleave additional countries with shared infrastructure.

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InCountry MSP

Our products support 5 categories of data

InCountry Profile


Store user profile and registration in alignment with local regulations including the European Union’s GDPR and Russian Federation’s Federal Law on Personal Data

Easily externalize user profile and registration data using the InCountry SDK

Uses SHA-256 and AES-256 encryption to securely store profile information.

InCountry Employee


Securely store employee information in compliance with local government regulations.

InCountry Payments

Coming Q4 2019

Securely store payment card data in compliance with local government regulations and industry standards like PCI.

InCountry Transactions

Coming Q4 2019

Securely store financial transaction history in compliance with local government regulations.

InCountry Health

Coming Q4 2019

Securely store health and medical information in compliance with local government regulations.

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