The pursuit for data privacy

Tina Xu, GM of China & East Asia

I’m excited to announce that I’m joining the talented InCountry team and its mission to enable data compliance for multinational companies.

I’ve spent my life shuttling between Asia and North America to pursue professional and academic opportunities in business, technology and government. InCountry is trying to solve a global issue that fits well with all of these previous experiences. Thus, this is a unique chance to hone my skills into an entity that embodies all of my interests.

As InCountry’s General Manager of China and East Asia, I’m most excited to grow the market in China. With my bicultural background, this is where I think I can add a lot of value to the business given my expertise in both regions. The US and Chinese business dynamic is an important one, but one that is complex to navigate. Within the last couple of years, there has been an endless privacy debacle happening around the world. Recently, Mark Zuckerberg met with Congress to address the growing heat. Now, constituents are demanding that their governments take action––and it’s showing. As China prepares new data privacy legislation, it’s important for enterprises to comply with their laws or risk massive fines, or worse, expulsion from the country entirely .

I’m looking forward to joining the powerhouse team that is InCountry, an elite group of professionals with extensive experience in enterprise infrastructure software, cybersecurity, architecture, cryptography, and developer tools. Before InCountry, I was working in Strategic Partnerships for Google China. I worked with Google’s largest partners and led cross-functional teams on business development initiatives. Before Google, I co-founded a direct-to-consumer dental care startup, and also held various roles in business development, strategy and investing at Hillhouse Capital, HTC Vive, Xiaomi Technology, Point72 Asset Management and UBS Investment Bank.

My past experience will help further develop InCountry’s operational needs. InCountry respects every jurisdiction’s sovereignty, while removing the operational friction that multinationals face while doing business in a foreign country. This is important to me personally as InCountry is setting a new norm when it comes to international business expansion. Local government policies are respected, but international businesses can still thrive.

My experience within the verticals of finance, technology and academia have allowed me to create and achieve a holistic, unique perspective that others may not have. This specialized perspective will allow me to further grow the team and product – and protect consumer data in the process.

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