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Data Residency with InCountry on Alibaba Cloud

The InCountry on Alibaba Cloud platform enables companies to use their global apps in China and stay compliant with local data regulations.

Expand your business into China and stay compliant

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Integrate InCountry into your apps

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Data compliance with InCountry on Alibaba Cloud


  • Compliant with ISO industry standards, PCI DSS and other global industry standards
  • Meets local requirements for data storage in China
  • No changes on end-users browsers
  • Seamless integration with global SaaS applications


  • Expand easily into the Chinese market
  • Enhanced value from your SaaS and internal apps
  • Reduce local compliance risk
  • Eliminate manual infrastructure and hardware maintenance

How it Works

How it works Alibaba
Configure the application’s data fields to store in China
InCountry traps all writes from the application, replaces existing fields with redacted data, and saves regulated data on Alibaba Cloud
Clear-text regulated data is stored on Alibaba Cloud in China
When data is read it can be automatically swapped with actual clear-text values stored in the country of origin
If the PII owner gives a consent, regulated data can be replicated to another country

Frequently asked questions

How does InCountry for China offering works?


InCountry’s platform becomes an integration bridge between customer’s Alibaba Cloud domain and the SaaS’s data center out of China, enabling customers to use their global apps in China compliant with data localization requirements.

What types of deployment models does InCountry support?


Based on the customer needs, InCountry supports multiple models ranging from only storing a copy of data in China to fully processing and storing the data locally.

Do we need to have an ICP license for using InCountry?


Yes, an ICP license or a permissible filling is required to use InCountry in China.

Does all relationships goes via InCountry or we need to have separate contracting with Alibaba Cloud?


The customer will need to source the Alibaba Cloud environment the InCountry platform will run on directly from Alibaba Cloud.