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Data Residency for Cegid

InCountry Data Residency for Cegid allows users to distribute and localize their customers' regulated data in countries where personal data must not leave the country of origin.

Leave your stack behind

Distribute and localize your Cegid application in countries like Russia, Switzerland, Indonesia, Australia and plenty more


Cegid provides cloud-based software to fashion, luxury and beauty retailers. The system is built on a single centralized database that is shared across all channels and updated in real time with customer data, products, prices, and sales

  • Category
  • Cegid
  • Cegid + InCountry
  • Countries for data storage
  • 26
  • Compliance with local data regulations
  • No
  • Access restrictions for data outside the country of origin
  • No
  • 90+ countries
  • Yes
  • Yes



  • Data residency services in 90+ countries
  • Compliant with local regulatory frameworks
  • Simplified solution adoption and provision
  • Straightforward solution setup


  • Enter new markets and grow sales
  • Full compliance with Russia’s 152FZ regulation
  • Zero-change approach to infrastructure management
  • Exclude any compliance risks from the scope of your business development

How it Works

Customer profiles (including their personal information) are managed in the POS application.
The POS application saves regulated data to the InCountry platform through REST API in the country of origin.
The POS application saves non-regulated data to Cegid’s normal database.
Regulated data is replicated to Cegid's database if customer consent was received.
Tokenized data is saved to Cegid's database if customer consent was not received.
Regulated data is synchronized between the InCountry platform and Cegid's database upon modifications

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