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Data Residency for SAP SuccessFactors

Data Residency for SAP SuccessFactors with InCountry and Talent Systems enables integration of data residency services into the DNA of human relationship management and personal data collection

One Global SAP SuccessFactors, Local Data

Run SAP SuccessFactors for human relationship management in countries with stringent data regulations, including China, Australia, Saudi Arabia, and others

Data Residency for SAP SuccessFactors


  • Full-fledged data residency services in countries enforcing regulatory compliance
  • Secure data storage for regulated information all across the world
  • Unwavering compliance with stringent data regulations and regulatory legislation
  • Straightforward solution implementation, integration, and adoption
  • Adjustable scalability and geographical expansion of the compliance technology stack
  • Adaptable data management flows reflecting country-specific regulations
  • Customizable restrictions applied to cross-border transfers of regulated data


  • Develop human relationship management workflows that are compliant with regulatory requirements of any country
  • Hire, nurture, and develop the greatest talents on a global scale
  • Process and store regulated data within domestic borders
  • Keep your infrastructure fully unchanged with seamless integration of data stores
  • Fully exclude the compliance risks associated with management of distributed teams

How it Works

Employee or candidate profiles are created in SAP SuccessFactors
Regulated data is captured and saved to local InCountry Vaults
Non-regulated and depersonalized regulated data is saved to SAP SuccessFactors
When fetching a regulated profile, non-regulated data is loaded from SAP SuccessFactors and regulated data is loaded from InCountry Vault and further merged
Additional restrictions may be imposed on cross-border transfers and access outside the country of origin