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Data Residency for Workday

Data Residency for Workday with InCountry and Talent Systems enables businesses┬áto govern and localize their employees’ sensitive data collected throughout their employee lifecycle in countries with stringent data regulations

One Global Workday,
Local Data

Run Workday for human capital management in countries with stringent data regulations, including China, Australia, Saudi Arabia, and others

Data Residency for Workday


  • Data residency services in countries in compliance-forcing countries
  • Worldwide accessibility to compliant and secure data stores
  • Compliance with local data regulations and security requirements
  • Streamlined solution adoption and provision
  • Adaptive scalability and geographical extensibility of the compliance stack
  • Adjustable data flows according to country-specific regulations
  • Flexible and controllable cross-border transfers of regulated data to third-party systems


  • Manage the entire employee lifecycle in full compliance with all applicable data regulations and laws
  • Hire, manage, and develop the best talents across the world
  • Capture and store regulated data of your employees and applicants within domestic borders
  • No changes to your infrastructure management
  • Descope any compliance risks from building effective human capital management

How it Works

Employee or candidate profiles are created in Workday
Regulated data is saved to local InCountry Vaults
Non-regulated and anonymized regulated data is saved to Workday
When querying a regulated profile, non-regulated data is loaded from Workday and regulated data is loaded from InCountry Vault and further combined
Cross-border transfers and access outside the country of origin may be restricted