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Data Residency with InCountry for Retail

Enter new markets and drive revenue without disrupting your customer experience. The InCountry platform keeps your sales process fully compliant with local data regulations

Industry Compliance

Our commitment to your data’s security and compliance includes not just a set of certifications, but technology to enable you to do business anywhere in the world without having to worry about local standards and regulations
Industry Compliance
InCountry customer, industry leader
A major reason why we signed up with InCountry was the streamlined PCI-DSS compliance. Having that gives us peace of mind about our compliance globally and our ability to sell in more countries around the world


InCountry platform provides seamless integrations with industry leading applications that gives more flexibility
SaaS Solutions

Customer Case Study

One of the largest retail company. The company operates across five continents and serves over 160 countries, which greatly diversifies the business landscape and makes the customer to consider all the potential risks for business operation in particular regions. That became one of the challenges that the customer encountered while running their business in the Russian Federation.
Data residency for what is considered regulated data
  • Developed and incorporated the full-fledged solution into Salesforce to preserve data compliance throughout all the stages of the lead management pipeline in Salesforce.
  • Due to the Russian Federal Law on Personal Data (No. 152-FZ), original records with sensitive data of Russian citizens must be first saved on the territory of the Russian Federation, and only then this data can be copied to data stores in any other country.
InCountry for Salesforce solution was deployed
  • The data distribution and localization of personal data of Russian citizens is performed according to the record’s attribution to the Russian Federation.
  • No changes in infrastructure management and provision for the customer and minimal development expenses on integrating the InCountry Data Residency for Salesforce solution into the existing business processes.
Customer compliant with industry regulations and standards
  • Eliminate all potential compliance risks before a customer lead transition to the next stage of sales.
  • Significantly reducing expenses on development of a data store in the Russian Federation and avoid unexpected interruptions in business operation in the Russian market

Payment Gateway

InCountry Payment Gateway enables payment processing integration, data distribution, and the localization of payment data. It secures retention and facilitates PCI compliance with minimal to no changes
Payment Gateway

New Market Insight Report From 451 Research

Report highlights deep analyses of InCountry platform including competitive advantages and SaaS integrations
Market Insight report from 451 research report