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Data Residency for Talent Systems

With support for integrations with Workday, SAP SuccessFactors, and Oracle Taleo and HCM Cloud, InCountry Data Residency for Talent Systems enables businesses to distribute and localize their employees’ and candidates’ regulated data in countries with stringent data regulations.

One Global Talent Systems, Local Data

Run Talent Systems in the European Union, China, Australia, Saudi Arabia, and other countries with local compliance and data residency

Solution extension


More countries for data storage


Compliance with any local data regulations


Access restrictions for requests outside the country of origin


Compliant cross-border transfers to external systems (Workday, SAP SuccessFactors, Oracle Taleo and HCM Cloud)

InCountry Data Residency for Talent Systems


  • Data residency services in countries with stringent regulations
  • Global accessibility to compliant and secure data stores
  • Compliance with local regulatory frameworks and security standards
  • Simplified solution adoption and provision
  • Solution scalability and geographical extensibility to the customer’s needs
  • Customizable data flows specific per each country
  • Compliant cross-border transfers of regulated data to third-party systems


  • Manage human capital in full compliance with all applicable data regulations and laws
  • Hire, manage, and nurture the best talents across the entire globe
  • Collect and store regulated data of employees, candidates, contractors, and managers within domestic borders
  • Zero-change strategy for infrastructure management
  • Exclude any compliance risks from the scope of your human capital management

How it Works

Talent Systems creates and manages employee profiles
Regulated data is saved to local InCountry Vaults
Non-regulated and anonymized regulated data is saved to Talent Systems
Non-regulated and anonymized regulated data is transferred to external systems (such as Workday, and so on)
The application pulls regulated from InCountry Vault when querying regulated data within its country of origin
The application displays clear-text regulated values (including third-party integrations) within the country of origin