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InCountry Data Residency for Segment enables the distribution and localization of sensitive data from Segment across 90+ countries in full compliance with local data regulations and requirements

Leave your stack behind

Distribute and localize your Segment application in countries like Russia, China, Switzerland, Indonesia, Saudi Arabia, Australia and plenty more


The Segment platform stores sensitive customer data in only one location, exposing your company to compliance risks

  • Category
  • Segment
  • Segment + InCountry
  • Countries for data storage
  • 1 country
  • Multi-country data storage
  • No, all data for a Segment instance must be stored in the only Segment region
  • Country of origin only viewing
  • No
  • 90+ countries
  • Yes, a single Segment instance can store sensitive data distributed over 90+ countries
  • Yes, the solution can be configured to only show data when viewed in its country of origin



  • Data residency for Segment’s (Identify) API calls
  • Full regulated record encryption with the AES-256 algorithm
  • Compliant with local data regulations and data protection requirements
  • Compliant with internal data residency policies
  • Ability to either store all data in specific country or a real time copy to a specific country
  • No code changes required


  • Eliminate compliance burden imposed by local regulators
  • Leverage business expansion into new countries
  • Derive more value from Segment solutions

How it Works

Located in the same country where the user tracking occurs
Integrates into Segment’s event collection workflow and intercepts payloads with sensitive data
Localization and distribution of sensitive data occurs due to your set global preferences or depending on the record’s country of origin
InCountry captures data requests with sensitive data and redacts this data before forwarding the request to Segment
Segment passes redacted data to integrated platforms and services while clear-text values in the encrypted form remain on the InCountry platform