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Data Residency for Segment

InCountry for Segment Data Residency solution enables Segment data to be securely stored in over 90+ countries, allowing different records to be stored in different countries. This allows customers to take full advantage of Segment applications, while still maintaining compliance with regulatory and internal policies

Segment solutions allow for data residency only in one location and requires all data for any instance be stored in it

CategorySegmentSegment + InCountry
Countries for data storage1 country90+ countries
Multi-country data storageNo, all data for a Segment instance must be stored in the only Segment regionYes, a single Segment instance can store data in any of 90+ countries
Country of origin only viewingNoYes, can be configured to only show data when viewed in its country of origin

InCountry Data Residency for Segment


  • Data residency for Segment’s (Identify) API calls
  • Optional full encryption using NIST standard SHA-256 and AES-256 encryption
  • Compliant with local regulatory frameworks
  • Compliant with internal data residency policies
  • Ability to either store all data in specific country or a real time copy to a specific country
  • No code changes required


  • Reduce compliance risk
  • Enable expansion into new countries
  • Enhance value from Segment solutions

How it Works

Located in the same data center as Segment
Augment Segment’s existing collection process & specific fields into InCountry data stores
All data can be stored in a specific country. Logic can be applied to use existing data field such as “Country” to direct storage to multiple countries
InCountry traps all writes from the form and replaces existing fields with encrypted hashes that can be stored in Segment
When Segment reads the fields, they can be automatically replaced with the unredacted data when viewed in specific countries
The redacted data can still be searched using Segment’s search