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Industry Compliance

Our commitment to your data’s security and compliance includes not just a set of certifications, but technology to enable you to do business anywhere in the world without having to worry about local standards and regulations
Industry Compliance
InCountry customer, industry leader
Trying to manage different regulations on PHI (personal health information) in different countries was proving to be a massive headache for our company, but thankfully InCountry has simplified the work needed to achieve that


The InCountry platform provides seamless integrations with industry leading applications to give you more flexibility
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Customer Case Study

The company is a leader in research-focused healthcare that combines all the recent advancements in pharmaceuticals and diagnostics. The company runs its business in multiple countries. InCountry helped the customer address all compliance issues with sensitive data distribution and localization in the Russian Federation, which resulted in great annual savings if comparing to development of a custom solution from scratch and its further maintenance.
Data residency for what is considered regulated data
  • The Russian Federation has introduced the Russian Federal Law on Personal Data (No. 152-FZ) that regulates the handling of personal data of Russian citizens
  • All the original personal data of Russian citizens must be first saved in Russia and only then this data can be copied to the Salesforce cloud
InCountry for Salesforce solution was deployed
  • InCountry for Salesforce was deployed, storing the original personal and healthcare data locally to the InCountry platform and copying it to Salesforce
  • The customer stores personal data of thousands of records on the InCountry platform and applies data regulation rules to more than 15 Salesforce objects containing personal and healthcare data
  • The customer uses Apex SDK to implement custom data validations and automations to simplify user experience with data and introduce the needed business logic across the entire pipeline
  • Usage of key management increases the security of data communication between Salesforce and the InCountry platform and lets the customer perform security key rotation when needed
Customer compliant with industry regulations and standards
  • InCountry has revamped the approach to distributing, localizing, and securing the sensitive patients’ data of Russian citizens in Salesforce for the leading multinational healthcare corporation
  • Securing regulated data and complying with local data regulations

Data Residency for the Healthcare Industry Report

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