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Data Residency for Veeva Systems

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Securely store and process Veeva data in over 90 countries, including different records in different countries. Leverage all the benefits of Veeva for pharmaceutical and life sciences industry while remaining in accordance with regulatory and internal policies

Veeva provides software as a service in the global life-science industry

CategoryVeeva NowVeeva + InCountry
Countries for data storage3 countries90+ countries
Manage data across multiple countries in 1 instanceNoYes
Single-tenant optionNoYes

InCountry Data Residency for Veeva


  • HIPAA compliance
  • Compliant with local regulatory requirements and data residency policies
  • Store all data in a specific country depending on relevant regulatory and company requirements
  • No browser plugin necessary


  • Expand into new countries
  • Enhanced value from Veeva solutions
  • Mobile support
  • Searchable protected data
  • Reduced overall compliance risk

How it Works

Augment existing Veeva forms to store administrator specified fields into InCountry data stores
InCountry traps all writes from the form and replaces existing fields with redacted data
Protected data can still be searched within Veeva
All data can be stored in a specific country, or logic can be applied to use an existing data field such as Country to direct storage to multiple countries
When Veeva reads the fields, they can be automatically replaced with the actual unredacted data when viewed in specific countries by Veeva users