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Alibaba Cloud InCountry Service

InCountry’s Data Residency-as-a-Service platform is hosted and managed by Alibaba Cloud and offers full compliance with Chinese data regulations

Alibaba Cloud InCountry Service

Extend your apps into China with Alibaba Cloud InCountry Service

Integrate Alibaba Cloud InCountry Service into your apps

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"International software products have always had a broad customer base in China and they are important for Alibaba Cloud’s product technology ecosystem. With customers’ increasing compliance requirements, we are hosting and operating InCountry's technology to help accelerate the digital transformation of enterprises."
Zhao Lin
Director of Alibaba Cloud Product Ecosystem Development
Alibaba Cloud

China Regulations

Important data and Core data collected and generated in China is required to be stored in China as required by applicable law or regulations such as those shown below:

Alibaba Cloud InCountry Service provides customers with the ability to meet the various regulations above by:

  • Partnering with certified data center providers in China to provide service to customers
  • Providing support to partners in completion of MLPS certification for InCountry services

Data compliance with Alibaba Cloud InCountry Service


  • Compliant with ISO industry standards, PCI DSS and other global industry standards
  • Meets local requirements for data storage in China
  • No changes on end-users browsers
  • Seamless integration with global SaaS applications


  • Expand easily into the Chinese market
  • Enhanced value from your SaaS and internal apps
  • Reduce local compliance risk
  • Eliminate manual infrastructure and hardware maintenance

Alibaba Cloud InCountry service managed package