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Data Residency for Charket

Compliantly manage WeChat leads with your global Salesforce org.

One World, Many Channels

Continue to use your Salesforce org globally with Charket for WeChat lead generation. InCountry compliantly and transparently stores user PII in China, in full compliance with the Chinese PIPL regulations.

Comparison of solutions

Charket’s provides a direct integration between WeChat and Salesforce. Adding InCountry stores all PII within China with full PIPL compliance.

  • Category
  • Charket
  • Charket + InCountry
  • Country for personal data retention
  • Salesforce servers (US, EU, or Japan)
  • Compliance with Chinese data regulations
  • No
  • Access restrictions for personal data outside the country of origin
  • No
  • China
  • Yes
  • Yes

InCountry Data Residency for Charket


  • Seamless integration between WeChat and Salesforce without constraints
  • Easy-achievable PIPL compliance without compromise
  • Configurable flows for storing and handling personal data of Chinese citizens
  • Full-fledged data protection of sensitive data
  • Robust solution integration and adoption
  • Intuitive setup and configuration


  • Run your business in WeChat while keeping it fully compliant in Salesforce
  • Engage new audiences and grow sales
  • Drive your leads throughout your sales pipelines and service flows in Salesforce
  • Descope PIPL compliance issues from your business perspective
  • Zero-change approach to infrastructure management

How it Works

Create an integration between WeChat and Salesforce through Charket
Charket with the integrated data residency module captures personal data
Secure and save private data to the InCountry platform
Query personal data in Salesforce within your service and sales pipeline flows
Preserve format-specific tokenized values in the Salesforce database