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Data Residency with InCountry on Yandex.Cloud

The InCountry on Yandex.Cloud platform enables companies to use their global apps in Russia and stay compliant with data regulations.

Global Apps, Local Yandex

Expand your business into Russia in full compliance with 152-FZ. Russia is supported only for life science and healthcare companies.

We are very attentive to trust issues, annually confirming compliance with industry security standards and legal requirements for the processing of personal data, which makes InCountry and Yandex.Cloud the # 1 choice for international customers with the highest data protection requirements.”
Andrey Ivanov, Head of Security Solutions Strategy, Yandex.Cloud

Data compliance with InCountry on Yandex.Cloud


  • Compliant with 152-FZ, PCI DSS, and ISO industry standards
  • Meets local requirements for data storage in Russia
  • No changes on end-user’s browsers
  • Seamless integration with global SaaS applications


  • Eliminate borders for business expansion
  • Minimize investments into PCI compliance
  • No changes to your infrastructure or business operation
  • Reduce local compliance risk
  • Secure customer data against any potential threats

Frequently asked questions

What compliance requirements does the 152-FZ law impose?


Under the 152-FZ law, companies are allowed to trust the storage and processing of personal data belonging to Russian citizens to a third party if the data center of a cloud provider is located in the Russian Federation. Personal data can be transferred abroad – for example, for processing. However, first, a primary copy of the regulated data must be written on a server that is physically located on Russian territory.

What does InCountry offer to comply with 152-FZ?

  • Full certification with the law.
  • Our Yandex.Cloud strategic partnership makes the InCountry platform the easiest and most efficient way to integrate global applications and localize regulated data originating from the Russian Federation.

Does all contracting and relationship management with Yandex.Cloud go through InCountry or do we need to separately manage agreements and relationships with Yandex.Cloud?


The InCountry platform will be the only tool you will need to distribute and localize data, hence all contracting is done with InCountry.

How is my customer data stored in Russia?


Thanks to our partnership with Yandex.Cloud, your company will be 152-FZ compliant as any regulated data you process will be stored in Yandex.Cloud data centers within Russia, so you are free to choose how data is handled otherwise. InCountry lets you decide if data is initially stored within the country of origin (in this case, Russia), and if it is allowed to ever leave the country.