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Data Residency with InCountry for Financial services

Enter new markets and drive revenue without disrupting your customer experience. The InCountry platform keeps yout financial services applications compliant with data regulations in more countries, so you can make the most of them.

Industry Compliance

Our commitment to your data’s security and compliance includes not just a set of certifications, but technology to enable you to do business anywhere in the world without having to worry about local standards and regulations

Security and Compliance
ISO-27701 ISO-27001 PCI ISO-27018 ISO-27017
InCountry helped us get our Salesforce instance within compliance so we could better use it in countries we operate in that have strict data regulations
InCountry customer, industry leader

Payment Gateway

Payment Gateway secures payment card data within your application when performing outbound requests or handling incoming payment requests. It offers integration to payment processing platforms, like Stripe, to collect payment data and securely store it locally on the InCountry platform.


InCountry platform provides seamless integrations with industry leading applications that gives more flexibility

SaaS Solutions

Customer case study

The largest stock exchange in its market, establishing new and modern approaches for the business. It aims at strengthening the financial market infrastructure through innovative solutions, and encourges local expansion opportunities through targeted investments in an array of sectors and industries

Data residency for Salesforce
  • Local processing and storing of what is considered regulated data, such as personal information
  • Seamless integration with Salesforce, maintaining functionality, searching, indexing, and ease-of-use of the platform
  • Integration with third-party add-ons and backend legacy systems
InCountry for Salesforce add-on was deployed, regulated data was mapped to be stored, processed and consumed locally. Access controls prevented access from outside the country, except to the Salesforce cloud
  • InCountry for Salesforce was deployed in a high availability configuration
  • Full The system was integrated with real-time web services, customer VisualForce pages with Apex
Customer compliant with industry regulations and standarts
  • Full local processing and storying of data on a field-by-field basis while assuring exclusive control over the encryption key

Data Residency for the financial services industry report

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