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Data Residency for mParticle

Redact and anonymize regulated data from mParticle

Continue to consolidate worldwide customer data and maintain local compliance

Scale your mParticle worldwide and keep regulated data isolated in its country of origin. Continue to gain global insights on customer segments while maintaining full customer data residency in required countries. Recombine local data in CRMs and other business software with full data isolation so only local staff can access customer data.

mParticle with InCountry

InCountry operates seamlessly with mParticle’s client library to dynamically redact regulated fields and insert anonymized values in their place. Regulated data is fully isolated in the country of origin in InCountry’s point-of-presence.

  • Integrates seamlessly with existing processes
  • Dynamically redact regulated fields
  • Anonymize regulated data with flexible tokenization, hashing, and masking algorithms
  • Full audit log
mParticle with InCountry

InCountry Data Residency for mParticle


  • Direct integration with mParticle
  • No changes to pipelines or workflows
  • Flexible tokenization, hashing, and masking algorithms


  • Compliance with cross-border data transfer regulations
  • Descope customer data platform regulated data processing
  • Fast setup and time-to-market

How it Works

Identify mParticle data acquisition with regulated data that crosses borders
Specify regulated fields in the mParticle library
Continue to use mParticle to gain global insights and distribute data
Integrate InCountry into downstream business applications to access data