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Data Residency for Oracle HCM Cloud

Data Residency for Oracle HCM Cloud with InCountry and Talent Systems streamlines the implementation of data residency services within human capital management processes and operations

One Global Oracle HCM Cloud, Local Data

Run Oracle HCM Cloud for human capital management in countries releasing stringent data regulations, including China, Australia, Saudi Arabia, and others

Data Residency for Oracle HCM Cloud


  • Out-of-the-box integration of data residency services compliant with the most stringent data regulations
  • Extended data store presence in regions imposing restrictions on data retention and processing
  • Minimal or no impact on existing employee management workflows and processes
  • Diversified compliance technology stack addressing the most comprehensive compliance issues
  • Easy customization and adaptation of regulated data flows meeting your internal HCM flows
  • Adjustable access restrictions to regulated records based on the request origin


  • Localization of employee sensitive data within domestic borders without affecting business operations
  • Work with the best human talents all over the world with no compliance risks
  • No impact on the company infrastructure with seamless solution integration into the existing application stack
  • Proactive response to compliance challenges at minimal price

How it Works

Employee or candidate profiles are created in Oracle HCM Cloud
Regulated data is captured and saved to local InCountry Vaults
Non-regulated and anonymized regulated data is saved to Oracle HCM Cloud
When requesting a regulated profile, non-regulated data is retrieved from Oracle HCM Cloud and regulated data is loaded from InCountry Vault for further consolidation
Additional restrictions may be applied to cross-border data transfers and requests coming outside the allowed jurisdiction