Data Residency-as-a-Service

One World, One App! Continue to run your app while InCountry handles international storing, processing, and delivering of regulated data

The fastest way to comply with data residency regulations

  • Fully compliant infrastructure in numerous countries.
  • Extensive APIs that support storing, processing and delivering data.
  • In-country gateways for emails, web forms, payments and more.

Distribute and localize your application in any country with InCountry


Unlock new territories and turbocharge revenue growth

Focus on core customer and product experiences rather than extending infrastructure and compliance globally. InCountry’s Data Residency-as-a-Service helps companies enter new markets and maintain compliance in existing markets.
“For our client use case InCountry data residency for Salesforce was the perfect solution, because it met all the data protection laws in China and enabled our client to run their operations in China seamlessly on a single Salesforce instance.”
Loeby Chan
Head of Salesforce Consulting, IBM Consulting
Loeby Chan

How it Works

Identify regulated fields in your app with InCountry’s per-country guidance
Redirect existing web services through InCountry points-of-presence to redact and reinsert regulated data
Update web forms to indicate fields that are no longer viewable outside of a country are redacted
Resident Functions allow processing of data within a country
Separate reporting to show aggregate data to users outside of a country and detailed data to users within a country