Operate globally with
Data Residency-as-a-Service

Deployed by stock exchanges and top life sciences companies. Fully compliant from China to Saudi Arabia to Germany.

The enterprise ready data residency solution

  • Run a global app with data isolated in each country
  • Easily add anonymized cross-border data transfers
  • Two points of presence in each country with active-active failover
  • SaaS, single-tenant on any cloud, AWS Outposts, and sovereign cloud options
  • Guaranteed messaging across unpredictable networks
 Developer friendly tools make it easy to add data residency and cross-border data transfers

Developer friendly tools make it easy to add data residency and cross-border data transfers

  • Low-code web service proxy works with existing web services between client and server
  • Comprehensive REST APIs callable from front-end and back-end
  • Deep edge services for large files, processing, analytics, e-mail, and more
  • Flexible tokenization, hashing, and masking algorithms
Developers, check out the Developer Overview

 Protect  your data with bank-grade security

Protect your data with bank-grade security

  • Policy-based authorization defines records and field masks for applications and groups of users
  • Fine-grained authorization uses existing application back-ends to specify what records and fields an individual user can access
  • Secure software developer lifecycle with comprehensive security analysis
  • 24/7 technical operations with active threat monitoring
  • Encryption in transit, at rest, and in memory with searchable encryption that uses NIST standards
“For our client use case InCountry’s data residency was the perfect solution, because it met all the data protection laws in China and enabled our client to run their operations in China seamlessly on a single instance.”
Loeby Chan
Head of CRM Transformation, IBM Consulting
Loeby Chan

Scale globally with local compliance

  • Data loss prevention across borders with data firewall that uses IP addresses and VPN detection to ensure data stays within a country
  • Detect PII leakage with AI that detects names and other identifying data from the origin country language
  • Detailed support for regulatory approval in complex jurisdictions
  • Downloadable audit logs track every event
Scale globally with local compliance
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IT: Simpler to use a global system instead of duplicating functionality across multiple systems.
Business: Global view of customers, tickets, and other business functions.
Compliance/Legal: Compliant and auditable in multiple jurisdictions and scales with changing regulations.
End User
End-users: Continue to use a global SaaS system with full local visibility in each country.
CIO: Digitally transform to global SaaS systems while maintaining local data residency.

Expand into high growth markets without worrying about data infrastructure

Focus on core customer and product experiences rather than building out new infrastructure and compliance globally. InCountry’s Data Residency-as-a-Service helps multinational companies enter new markets and maintain compliance in existing markets.