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Data Residency for ServiceNow

Global compliance for ServiceNow CRM data.

One World, One ServiceNow

Run ServiceNow applications with local compliance and data residency in China, Saudi Arabia, UAE, and more countries.

Comparison of solutions

  • Category
  • ServiceNow
  • ServiceNow + InCountry
  • Countries for data storage
  • 12 countries
  • Manage data across multiple countries in one instance
  • No
  • Country of origin only viewing, Blocking access from other countries
  • No
  • Worldwide*
  • Yes
  • Yes

* Worldwide other than Iran, North Korea, and Syria

InCountry Data Residency for ServiceNow


  • Integrates with ServiceNow’s to deliver a seamless data residency experience and compliance
  • Optional full encryption using NIST standard SHA-256 and AES-256 encryption
  • Compliant with local regulatory frameworks
  • Compliant with internal data residency policies
  • Ability to either store all data in specific country or multiple countries based on data requirements
  • Minimum code changes required for ease of deployment


  • Reduce compliance risk
  • Enhance value from ServiceNow’s solutions

How it Works

Identify regulated data to store into InCountry data stores
InCountry traps all regulated data and replaces existing data with redacted data
Redacted data can still be searched in ServiceNow
All regulated data can be stored in a specific country, or apply extra configuration rules to regulate the retention location for records depending on their country of origin
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