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Data Residency with InCountry for the Energy sector

The utilities industry is in the center of a massive global shift toward sustainability and new market entry. Industry players will derive revenue from new categories

Industry Compliance

Our commitment to your data’s security and compliance includes not just a set of certifications, but technology to enable you to do business anywhere in the world without having to worry about local standards and regulations
Industry Compliance
InCountry customer, industry leader
We had to localize data within one of our foreign markets and didn't want to commit to managing the process ourselves. Luckily, InCountry has managed the task smoothly, so we don't need to constantly fret about it


The InCountry platform provides seamless integrations with industry leading applications to give you more flexibility
SaaS Solutions

Customer Case Study

A global market player in the energy sector faced with the compliance challenge of storing and processing customer data in Saudi Arabia.
Data residency for what is considered regulated data
  • Store and process sensitive customer data in a targeted country with specific requirements
  • To enable clients to comply with international standards and requirements in more countries
InCountry's data residency integration was deployed
  • All data can be stored in a specific country, or logic can be applied to use an existing data field such as Country to direct storage to multiple countries.
  • No changes in infrastructure management and provision for the end users
Customer compliant with industry regulations and standards
  • No changes in infrastructure management and provision for the platform users and minimal development expenses on integrating InCountry’s data residency-as-a-service into the existing business processes
  • Covering market compliance requirements

New Market Insight Report From 451 Research

Repoprt highlights deep analyses of InCountry platform including competitive advantages and SaaS integrations
Market Insight report from 451 research report