Global Apps, Local Data

Run your app worldwide with Data Residency-as-a-Service and cross-border data transfers. Fully compliant from China to Saudi Arabia to Germany.

The turnkey, enterprise-grade solution for data residency

Enterprise Ready
  • Two points-of-presence in each country with active-active failover
  • SaaS, single-tenant anywhere, AWS Outposts, and sovereign cloud options
  • Guaranteed messaging across unpredictable networks
Developer Friendly
  • Choice of low-code web service proxy and comprehensive REST APIs
  • Deep edge services for large files, analytics, e-mail, and more
  • Flexible tokenization, hashing, and masking algorithms
Bank-Grade Security
  • Policy-based authorization and fine-grained authorization from apps
  • Secure SDLC and operations with active threat monitoring
  • Searchable encryption using NIST standards
Global Compliance
  • Data loss prevention across borders with data firewall and AI PII detection
  • Detailed support for regulatory approval in complex jurisdictions
  • Downloadable audit logs track every event