Data Residency for AI, Analytics, and Apps

Compliantly operate applications worldwide with data residency, data sovereignty, and cross-border data transfers. Fully complaint from China to Saudi Arabia to Germany.

The turnkey, enterprise-grade solution for data residency

Enterprise Ready
  • Two points-of-presence in each country with active-active failover
  • SaaS, single-tenant anywhere, AWS Outposts, and sovereign cloud options
  • Guaranteed messaging across unpredictable networks
Developer Friendly
  • Choice of low-code web service proxy and comprehensive REST APIs
  • Deep edge services for large files, analytics, e-mail, and more
  • Flexible tokenization, hashing, and masking algorithms
Bank-Grade Security
  • Policy-based authorization and fine-grained authorization from apps
  • Secure SDLC and operations with active threat monitoring
  • Searchable encryption using NIST standards
Global Compliance
  • Data loss prevention across borders with data firewall and AI PII detection
  • Detailed support for regulatory approval in complex jurisdictions
  • Downloadable audit logs track every event

Globalize your app with Data

Add data residency to SaaS, business to consumer, and internal apps with InCountry’s data residency platform. Continue to run a single app worldwide while InCountry handles local web service calls, search, email sending, and more.

Get compliant in China with
Alibaba Cloud InCountry Service

Extend your Salesforce, SaaS apps, and internal apps to Chinese subsidiaries and partners, while Alibaba Cloud InCountry Service ensures that regulated data remains in China and satisfies compliance requirements.