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Payment Data Residency for PayPal

Accept payments with PayPal while keeping compliance with PCI DSS and local payment data regulations.

One World, One PayPal

Run PayPal applications with local compliance and data residency in China, Saudi Arabia, UAE, and more countries.

Comparison of solutions

  • Category
  • PayPal
  • PayPal + InCountry
  • Country for payment card data retention
  • United States
  • Compliance with local payment data regulations
  • No
  • Access restrictions for payment card data outside the country of origin
  • No
  • 30+ countries
  • Yes
  • Yes

InCountry Data Residency for PayPal


  • Full-fledged integration with PayPal
  • Compliance with PCI DSS requirements and local data regulations on payment providers
  • Instigate your product sales by adding more payment options
  • Versatile reliability of the payment processing service
  • User-need agnostic solution configuration and setup
  • Scenario-based approach to payment handling


  • Engage your customers to spend more by saving their payment card data
  • Maintain PCI DSS compliance throughout your sales pipeline
  • Minimal changes to your infrastructure and sales workflows
  • Descope compliance risks from your business growth processes

How it Works

Create a Payment Gateway integration with PayPal
Payment Gateway captures transactions going through the pre-defined payment endpoint
Safeguard captured payment data by sending it to the InCountry platform
Let customers re-use their payment card data for additional purchases
Maintain traceable cardholder data with tokenized values stored in your database