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Data Residency for OKTA

Store Okta Identity and Access Management (IAM) PII data in 90+ countries, including different records in different countries. Leverage all the benefits of Okta while still maintaining compliance with regulatory and internal policies.

Okta allows for data residency in 5 countries, with one location for each instance.

CategoryOktaOkta + InCountry
Countries for data storage590+ countries
Manage data across multiple countries in 1 instanceNoYes
Compliance with local regulationsNoYes
Single-tenant optionNoYes

InCountry + Intertrust Advantages


  • Seamless integration with Okta with no impact on existing functionality
  • Compliant with local data regulatory requirements and data residency policies
  • Support different Okta user workflows


  • Reduce compliance risk and eliminate probability of penalties
  • Streamline data security and localization to all levels
  • Increase value from Okta identity and access management platform

How it works

Okta Users are created (Corporate/Consumer) in the OKTA Admin Console
OKTA Users belonging to a Admin specified group are subject to a selected PII data localisation flow
Regulated data values are stored in the InCountry module
InCountry replaces regulated data fields with a unique hash token in the OKTA Admin console. These unique tokens point to key value pairs in the InCountry storage module which can be referenced in search of processing workflows
OKTA workflows which reference the regulated data retrieve the PII values from the InCountry database and these fields are joined to the unregulated data and metadata to supply the correct data
Store and process in a specific country as per regulatory requirements