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InCountry for Salesforce Cross-Border

Maintain global views across multi-org environments with realtime anonymized replication

One Global Org,
Multiple Local Orgs

InCountry for Salesforce Cross-Border maintains global reporting across Salesforce orgs, Hyperforce orgs, and Salesforce on Alibaba Cloud. Multi-org environments are increasing due to data residency requirements and local performance requirements. With InCountry, records from local and regional orgs are copied in real-time to a global org with regulated fields fully anonymized. Compliantly maintain a 360-degree perspective and get valuable insights from Einstein AI.

InCountry’s realtime cross-border anonymization

InCountry offers a safe and compliant solution to export regulated data across borders with an extensive range of anonymization algorithms that can preserve original data patterns. InCountry’s AppExchange managed package makes it easy for Salesforce administrators to define the anonymization algorithm for regulated fields and apply triggers to automatically transport the data cross-border to a global Salesforce org using InCountry Border.

InCountry’s Data Firewall applies data loss prevention algorithms to check that unmasked fields do not leak personally identifiable information, using machine learning trained with local names, addresses, identification number styles, and more.

Guaranteed messaging ensures that the data will be sent and is fully compatible with China’s Golden Shield firewall. All transactions are fully logged and auditable.

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InCountry’s realtime cross-border anonymization

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A compliant solution for syncing anonymized regulated data from a local org to a global org.
Alibaba Cloud

Available directly from Alibaba Cloud

With InCountry for Salesforce Cross-Border, multinational companies can maintain global reporting as they migrate Chinese data into a dedicated Salesforce on Alibaba Cloud org. InCountry for Salesforce Cross-Border is also hosted and fully managed by Alibaba Cloud as the Alibaba Cloud InCountry Service, and purchased directly from Alibaba Cloud with the InCountry Managed Package.
InCountry’s comprehensive compliance efforts have enabled customers to acquire regulatory approval from regulators such as the Cyberspace Administration of China to export masked data into a global Salesforce org.