October 22, 2020

Compliance Collides: Intertrust and InCountry Partner to Help Enterprises Stay Ahead of Data Regulation and Security

Compliance Collides: Intertrust and InCountry Partner to Help Enterprises Stay Ahead of Data Regulation and Security

The splinternet isn’t a new thing. We’ve been calling out this trend for a while. But this year, likely as an effect of increased digitization as a result of the pandemic, we’ve seen a spike in data nationalism. It’s not just highly-regulated countries like China, India, and Russia that are implementing new requirements to limit data flow between countries and protect personal data. In the United States (US), Senator Josh Hawley introduced The National Security and Personal Data Act, which would require countries like Russia, China, and others to store US data within US borders. 

The data protection landscape is quickly changing

One of the more surprising moments of the year was when the Court of Justice of the European Union (CJEU) abandoned the EU-US Privacy Shield. Essentially, multinationals that relied on moving data between Europe and the US must now meet European privacy standards or risk losing the ability to operate in the EU altogether. As a result of the laws’ complexities, many global companies are facing the threat of fines, or, in some cases, like with TikTok, being banned from countries entirely. Keeping up with these regulations on a daily basis is time-consuming and requires expertise that most companies don’t have. In many cases, fines are being triggered by an inability to track complex requirements rather than malicious intent. 

To help companies stay ahead of these challenges in every country in which they operate, InCountry and Intertrust are simplifying data protection and management and ensuring compliance with data regulations.

“2020 has been the biggest catalyst for companies to adopt SaaS applications and ensure their data is secure and compliant as it travels across borders,” says Peter Yared, CEO, and Founder of InCountry. “We knew it was important more than ever to provide a more comprehensive solution with data security and privacy built-in, and we knew Intertrust was the perfect partner to contribute to that solution.” 

InCountry Intertrust

A unified platform for data residency and security

InCountry and Intertrust have partnered to combine InCountry’s advanced data residency solution with the Intertrust Platform, a data rights management system that provides secure data interoperability. So while InCountry ensures that data residency laws are observed, Intertrust’s platform allows inter- and intra-enterprise interoperability, helping businesses grow while avoiding data security mishaps.

Available in over 90 countries across six continents, InCountry and Intertrust’s integrated data residency and data rights management solutions give you complete control over your data localization workflows and associated business processes. You can focus on your business and territorial expansion plans by letting InCountry and Intertrust handle the details without being concerned about keeping in compliance with regulated data management regulations (or laws). 

“We’ve seen dozens of companies try to do this in-house and it never ends well,” remarks Talal G. Shamoon, Intertrust’s CEO. “Our joint solution helps companies focus on  what really matters: growing their business and reaching new heights, not worrying about whether or not their data is secure or compliant with local regulations.” 

While many of us assume that we can expand business globally without considering local and new legislation, the reality is that every year, more regions, including the United States and Europe, are pushing for tighter controls on the data that crosses their borders. Governments are the ultimate data fiduciaries and are stepping up to protect their citizens’ interests with aggressive regulations.  This year’s increase in regulations and regionalization of the internet further validates the need for enterprises to stay vigilant and informed on how they store and protect their customers’ data in order to unlock business overseas.

Our new solution helps enterprises do just that. 

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