June 24, 2021

Data Regulation Insights from 451 Research

Data Regulation Insights from 451 Research

The number of government and sector-specific data privacy rules and regulations organizations must comply with is growing exponentially. Many countries have developed their own legal framework for regulating data, which means international businesses need to assess and implement data residency requirements for existing and new applications by storing and/or processing regulated data (PII, payment, health, etc).

This is why data compliance has become such a hot topic worldwide: it is the key to operating in and expanding safely into international markets.

In a recent independent 451 Research report, senior research analyst Paige Bartley notes, “Data protection and privacy regulations continue to multiply across jurisdictions, and a common requirement is for location-specific management and processing of data. Data maintained within a region’s borders makes for easier enforcement of law. However, it can create problems with enterprise technology adoption and use. InCountry is looking to change that by offering data residency-as-a-service”.

Diving into this report, we can see a couple of takeaways about the existing SaaS market:

  • Most SaaS market players offer limited possibilities in the case of physical options for storing data and even cloud services that have been hailed as the answer to this problem have not always worked out.
  • InCountry is an easy way to get around this market inefficiency. Practically speaking, InCountry can be integrated with any SaaS solution to provide customers data residency services in over 90 countries. 

The report also touched on interesting points about the real objectives of possible competition from hyperscalers. However, InCounty is a cloud agnostic platform that provides maximum flexibility and does not limit customers the way other hyperscalers currently do. 

Establishing a global presence can be a real challenge even for well known companies, so avoiding any and all pitfalls is a must for international business.  Leveraging InCountry will remove the legal issue of compliance, which makes the service a great addition to any multinational company’s SaaS deployment.

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