December 11, 2020

InCountry’s 2020 with our VP of Product

InCountry’s 2020 with our VP of Product

The transition to working remotely: Our VP Samer Kamal discusses the personal and professional aspects of working online

Thousands of people have been required to work from home due to the COVID-19 pandemic, and because of that, many have chosen to relocate to new cities, invest in essential in-home office supplies, and brush up on Zoom best practices to create an ideal work environment from home. 

In this episode of Founders Grit, our VP of Product, Samer Kamal, discusses the transition to working remotely with host Mark Allen and touches on the benefits of virtual work and how it has helped create a stronger connection with customers.

They reflect on:

  • Samer’s career path that led him to become InCountry’s VP of Product
  • His prior experience working remotely before the COVID-19 pandemic, along with tips on how to be successful while working at home
  • How remote work has helped find new talent in locations that would have never been considered before
  • The benefits of a globally distributed team
  • Why there’s a decrease of interest in technology hubs such as Silicon Valley and New York City