August 12, 2020

Spotting Trends: Our CEO Shares Thoughts on Global Inspiration, the Current State of Silicon Valley, and What the Future Holds

Our CEO and founder, Peter Yared, realized early that trends like geopolitics and deglobalization were soon going to be a big reality as countries became more independent in their data management. Dubbed “The Splinternet,” this movement has led to an increase in country-specific regulations involving citizen’s data, and has left companies vulnerable to large fines as a result of unpredictable regulations. 

To comply with more than 100 country-specific regulations, Peter Yared created the world’s first data residency-as-a-service solution to unlock global expansion for enterprises needing to remain compliant in order to operate overseas. 

In this podcast episode, Peter talks with the Uncertain Times host, Joe Pardavila, about InCountry’s early start, adaptation during COVID-19, and thoughts on Silicon Valley’s big tech companies.

What you will learn:

  • What big trends inspired Peter to create InCountry
  • How InCountry handled the transition into COVID-19  
  • Peter’s thoughts on big tech taking over Silicon Valley
  • What the future of technology looks like

Click the link below to hear more  from a successful serial entrepreneur: 

(Uncertain Times: EPISODE 20 – IN A BIG INCOUNTRY — 8.10.20)