October 05, 2020

Technology Excels and Companies Learn to Adapt: Learn From Our CEO on How to Keep Your Startup Going During COVID-19

As the pandemic overtook the world and turned everybody’s reality into a virtual one, technology excelled even further into our everyday lives. Essential businesses like banks and doctor’s offices transitioned into a new norm of Zoom calls and online communications, which also led to an increased need for solutions to customer’s data.

In this episode of Tech Talks Daily, our CEO and founder, Peter Yared, sits down with Neil Hughes from Tech Talks Daily to discuss the realities of running a data residency startup during the transition into COVID-19 and what CEOs and founders need to do now, and what can wait.

What you will learn:

  • How technology has excelled during COVID-19
  • What leaders need to prioritize when leading a team during a recession 
  • Best practices for keeping your startup company afloat during tough times
  • How InCountry plans to continue helping businesses comply with data regulations

Click the link below to learn more from a 7x founder with over $500 million in exits on how to keep a startup alive and successful during difficult times:

(Tech Talks Daily: 1314: Peter Yared, The 7x Founder With More Than $500M In Exits. )