The Evolution of Peter Yared: From coding video games in Vienna to founding startups in Silicon Valley

Our CEO, Peter Yared, grew up in multiple countries across the world including Switzerland, Austria, England, and the US. While hopping from country to country, Peter learned various languages and cultures that taught him to perceive concepts from multiple perspectives. This experience helped with his success as a seven-time startup founder, as he brought a new and different approach to running a SaaS startup.  

In this episode of Dealmakers, Peter sat down with host, Alejandro Cremades, to discuss his life as an entrepreneur and the steps he took to fulfill all of his ventures. 

They reflect on:

  • Peter’s early life around the world and how it helped shape his success in entrepreneurship
  • His beginning stages of writing client-server programs for the government
  • How he helped create an essential enterprise tool in Javascript
  • The challenges he faced in hiring tech talent in Silicon Valley
  • How his startups were created, and who ended up buying them 
  • Why InCountry has gained success quickly overseas

(Dealmakers: Peter Yared: His First Business Got Acquired For $200 Million By Sun MicroSystems And His Most Recent Startup Was Sold To Citrix For $225 Million)


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