January 05, 2022

Webinar – Data Residency for Salesforce in China

Webinar – Data Residency for Salesforce in China

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China was the focal point of global data regulations in 2021, passing a comprehensive data protection law and increasing enforcement over the second half of the year. For multinational companies, utilizing global SaaS software is now vital in China, and these businesses need a safe and capable compliance solution to keep their 2022 growth business plans intact.

On January 26th at 10 am PST, join InCountry and Alibaba Cloud to see how we can help you adapt your Salesforce services for China’s new dynamic business environment.

They’ll cover:

  • How to adopt your Salesforce for China’s new data compliance rules
  • How the Alibaba Cloud and InCountry partnership delivers the best solution to the problem
  • A Data residency for Salesforce Demo