September 08, 2021

Webinar – Trends in Russia’s Data Governance

Webinar – Trends in Russia’s Data Governance

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As InCountry has recently partnered with Yandex.Cloud to help companies expand into and out of the Russian market, we want to keep bringing the combination of our expertise on data residency and Yandex’s local market expertise to you, so on September 29th we will host a webinar going over all the business aspects companies need to consider when it comes to data localization and governance within Russia.

Our VP of Marketing and Product, Samer Kamal, and our special guest Andrey Gorbunov from Yandex.Cloud will walk you through the compliance experience of international companies expanding into Russia to highlight what has and hasn’t worked in recent years.

Main webinar topics:

  • What Federal Law 152 is and the challenges it poses
  • Real-world scenarios of how companies have tried to solve for FZ152 and data regulations in Russia
  • The important of compliance in Russia and the capabilities of the Yandex.Cloud platform