Why I joined InCountry: A mission that matters

John Childs-Eddy, VP & GM of APAC
Data Residency as a Service

I’m elated to announce that I’m joining InCountry, the first data residency-as-a- service platform that helps multinational companies achieve data compliance globally.

Embarking on the InCountry journey is especially meaningful to me for several reasons, chief among them: I’ve experienced firsthand the challenges of global data regulations, and I’m a big believer in people’s right to data privacy. I’m interested in solutions that help companies navigate the complexities of data compliance and at the same time, enable data protection of personal information. InCountry delivers on all these fronts. And it couldn’t arrive at a more pivotal time.

Splinternet is here

And it’s only just begun. The concept of the “world wide web” is dissolving, as the internet divides along national and geo-political jurisdictions. An increasing number of countries are establishing or tightening regulations on the collection, storage, and flow of citizen data. To date, more than 107 countries, including Brazil, Russia and Australia have data regulations in place. As InCountry research shows, regulations range in data types and vary country-by-country.

For multinational companies, compliance complexities are slowing, if not ceasing, global growth. I understand their pain. During my tenure in APAC working with customer data infrastructure, I’ve dealt with plenty of compliance issues. I know well the increasing risks of doing business globally.

The Privacy Imperative

In tandem with splinternet is the growing imperative to protect citizen data. Data breaches continue to make headlines, exposing egregious abuse of data privacy, Since GDPR came into effect on May 25, 2018, there have been 206,326 reported violations resulting in $1.23B in fines. Lawmakers and consumers globally have criticized these penalty fees as too paltry, fueling governments to draft legislation with ever stiffer data protections, from higher fines to prison time.

These forces present a rather bleak future for international commerce. Indeed, it’s a hard reality that non-compliance will be the Achilles heel for a number of enterprises. But for others, compliance will be a differentiator. Why? Because cracking the code on compliance unblocks regulatory hurdles and unleashes global growth.

Unleashing Global Expansion

So how do multinational companies crack the code on compliance? That’s where InCountry comes in. Our data-residency-as-a-service solution enables companies to securely store and process regulated data within the country from which the data originates. And perhaps most remarkably, InCountry is so easy to integrate that companies can be up and operating in new regions overnight. It’s that seamless.

InCountry’s mission is to enable data compliance for multinational companies and inherently, to safeguard citizen data. It’s intrinsic to the company’s DNA, driving how we operate inside and out––from our internal security protocols to our world-class encryption methods. It’s a mission that I’m proud to be a part of.