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InCountry and Intertrust: A data residency and rights management platform

Together, InCountry and Intertrust provide an integrated platform for data residency and data rights management, giving customers a complete control over data localization workflows and associated business processes. Regulated data stays in the country of origin, querying datasets from any location or format, and combing it from other regions with secure execution workflow environments.

InCountry + Intertrust Platform provides supreme capabilities for data localization and data security through virtualization

CategoryData WarehouseInCountry + Intertrust
Countries for data storage1 Country90+ Countries
Compliance with local regulationsCustomer responsibilityAutomatic data compliance by design
Data handlingData is copiedData is virtualized
Data synchronizationData is copied between data sources, causing the risk of inconsistencyNo copying of data.
Data is always consistent and available
Data access levelTable-level permissionsAccess control at row and column-level and automatic country-based query filtration
Secured data processing environmentDepends on your infrastructure and data isolation. No secure sandboxProvides isolated, secure, governed execution environments / sandboxes

InCountry + Intertrust Advantages


  • Data residency services in 90+ countries
  • Compliant with local regulatory frameworks and internal data residency policies
  • Combination of regulated and non-regulated data within virtualized datasets
  • Granular access allocation to specific parts of datasets
  • Outstanding security and audit controls


  • Build trust with customers and nurture loyalty to the brand
  • Grow the business without violating any local data regulations
  • Streamline data protection at all data access levels
  • Protect the revenue streams and add new ones in new locations
  • Lower maintenance costs in each region

How it Works

Identify the regulated data and transfer it to InCountry Platform
Virtualize data from InCountry data stores into Intertrust Platform
Combine and model data in secure execution environments
Query, explore, and analyze data in the Intertrust sandbox
Provide fine-grained access to data for internal or external partners
Run seamless data updates or analytics development in the country of origin without additional manipulations