Infrastructure Providers

We partner with Infrastructure Providers (IPs)

InCountry approach

  • Work with IP partner to deploy InCountry’s DRaaS platform on their infrastructure.
  • Co-brand and co-market with IP in-country, and help with pre-sales of foreign companies needing to operate in the IP’s covered territories.
  • Manage and operate the DRaaS on behalf of the IP, and/or train the IP’s operations team on how to manage the platform independently with InCountry support.
  • Work with IP in soliciting the participation of ISVs interested in operating in the IP’s covered territories and getting them to integrate with the InCountry DRaaS.

The infrastructure provider problem

IPs are quickly facing the fact that ISVs cannot deploy their software stacks across various infrastructures because of technical, operations and economic challenges. Where many IPs offer IaaS and PaaS solutions, they are challenged when it comes to helping SaaS application providers more easily localize application level data storage.

Infrastructure Providers partners

Alibaba Cloud
Oracle Cloud