Systems integrators

We partner with Systems Integrators (SIs)

InCountry approach

  • Educate various teams within the SI on how InCountry can help them meet customer challenges.
  • Work closely with the SI to help them scope the steps and work required to implement the InCountry DRaaS integration.
  • Train and support the SI through the implementation process.
  • Develop a joint case study to be presented at webinars and in blog posts.
  • Join the SI as needed on any prospect/customer presentations to help explain the InCountry DRaaS platform.
  • Refer the SI to InCountry prospects in search of implementation assistance.

The integrator problem

SIs collaborate with their multinational customers to assess, design, and/or implement solutions that meet those customers’ data residency requirements. However, for any single customer, solutions can be: (1) prohibitively expensive to develop from scratch; (2) inflexible and difficult to modify as regulations evolve or SaaS applications get updated, and; (3) difficult to deliver in a timely manner.

Our Systems Integrator partners

IBM Consulting
Fluido Infosys

Why become an InCountry SI?

Implementation framework

~ 2-4 hrs
Explore Regulation Models & Technology
Learn about regulation models and InCountry technologies
~ 4-6 hrs
Explore InCountry Configuration
Learn how to install and configure InCountry solution
may vary
Assess the Regulation Impact 
Follow steps to assess the impact of data regulation
may vary
Implement Solution
Follow these steps to assess the impact of data regulation