Supercharge your lead capturing forms with security and compliance

InCountry Web Forms safeguards the capturing of lead and prospect information for your CRM.

Track and process lead and prospect information in compliance with local data regulations

Data Regulation Map Of Webform Gateway

Data compliance with InCountry Web Forms


  • Compliant with personal data protection standards (GDPR, 152-FZ, etc.)
  • Satisfies local requirements for personal data retention in country of origin
  • Out-of-the-box integration with your lead capturing funnels
  • Comprehensive protection of customers' personal data
  • Support for numerous CRM platforms


  • Reinforces lead information capture in countries with strict regulations
  • Streamlines transmission of lead and prospect information to your CRMs
  • Isolates personal information of your leads and prospects from other data segments
  • Minimal changes to your sales funnels
  • Reduces local compliance risk while storing personal data of your leads and prospects

How it Works

How It Works Web Form Gateway
Create an integration with InCountry Web Forms on the InCountry Portal.
Register the endpoint that processes the personal data of your leads and prospects.
Define the fields with personal data and the country to retain this data within.
Embed the form on your website and call it at the appropriate stage of your funnel.
InCountry Web Forms then captures your leads' personal data and writes it to the InCountry platform.
Redacted personal data is passed to your CRM while clear-text values can be fetched from the InCountry platform.

Frequently asked questions

Can I define what fields are treated as regulated?


Yes, you can define which fields contain regulated data and which fields are handled as non-regulated.

Can I save regulated data to a specific country?


Yes, you can configure InCountry Web Forms to save regulated data to the country you need.

Can I integrate InCountry Web Forms with Salesforce or another CRM?


Yes. From a technical perspective, this is a universal solution that can be integrated with almost any CRM platform that you use.

How do I retrieve regulated data from the InCountry platform?


You can use our REST API to fetch regulated data from the InCountry platform.

How do I differentiate records with regulated data between the InCountry platform and my own system?


InCountry Web Forms returns the record identifier and redacted data to your system or CRM platform. By using the record identifier you can pull the regulated data for specific records with ease.

Can I capture the regulated data of my leads on my global website and store it in the country of origin depending on the country I selected in the form?


Unfortunately, this capability is not supported at the moment. You can create multiple landing pages for your leads depending on their countries and embed the country-specific lead capturing form on each landing page.