June 03, 2021

Announcing InCountry for Salesforce on AppExchange

Announcing InCountry for Salesforce on AppExchange

As of this week, InCountry is officially part of Salesforce AppExchange. This accomplishment is yet another step in our company’s journey to helping global companies navigate the complex data regulatory landscape of our time. 

Before starting InCountry, our founder and CEO Peter Yared continually noticed data residency issues plaguing multinational companies, sparking in him the idea to tackle the problem head-on. Although we are just over 2 years old, Peter and a small team of experienced engineers have been working on the technology behind it for more than 4 years. 

On the other side of the equation, Salesforce is its category pioneer and the most powerful CRM and Sales suite a global company can buy. We loved the power Salesforce gives to developers and the integration the platform provides to partners. The ecosystem is friendly and supportive. Hence, building an integration to Salesforce applications and lending our data compliance prowess to Salesforce customers felt like a natural fit. Officially entering the Salesforce AppExchange serves as validation of that spark that Peter felt a half-decade ago, and a testament to the high standards we have for security.

InCountry Salesforce

The passage of time has actually made data residency an even more prominent matter in both politics and business. More and more data protection regulations are embracing data residency requirements – either explicitly or effectively – making it essential to do business within a country. 2021 will see more data residency regulation to come, with legislation ongoing in China, Canada, and Singapore. If your business is spread across locations, an analysis of applicable laws and regulations pertaining to those locations along with the associated risks is necessary. You need to proactively control your data locations, calculate risks, and take the actions required to minimize unwanted data exposure and inappropriate access.

What InCountry Does

For any company that does business across borders, keeping track of a bevy of different laws would require a costly and dedicated internal team. InCountry’s compliant-centric platform, which includes points-of-presence in over 90 countries worldwide, solves the problem of data residency in an efficient, quick, and scalable way. 

Regulated data_AppEx INCOUNTRY

InCountry for Salesforce expands a company’s data storing and processing possibilities by increasing the number of available points of presence to over 90, without making any changes to an existing Salesforce deployment regardless of location. That means if a company has offices in the U.S., China, and Indonesia, regulated information can stay within each of those countries, instead of funneling unregulated to a single point like it otherwise would. This keeps the company compliant and trouble-free. 

InCountry Compliance

How InCountry Works

  • Effortless Deployment: Companies customize and control their solution as needed, quickly and cost-effectively
  • Seamless Integration: InCountry’s API and application services are tailored to a broad level of customization and types of Salesforce applications, including Salesforce Sales Cloud, Marketing Cloud, Health Cloud, and Financial Services Cloud. 
  • Secure and Compliant: Our focus from the get-go was to ensure Salesforce customers the same level of security they are used to getting from Salesforce. Our stack is compliant with global and local data regulations and requirements, including PCI DSS=SOC, HIPAA, ISO standards, and many others. 

How the Integration Helps

Integrating additional software with Salesforce streamlines workflows and ensures companies have a strong system for maximum efficiency. The InCountry API will only add to that efficiency. InCountry is the only option that brings a distributed model that has no impact on an existing Salesforce deployment and focuses on sensitive and regulated data, keeping costs down while ensuring compliance with regulations.

Configuration is simple, and besides choosing what data fields to encrypt and what data model (replicated, restricted, redacted) to use, the API will work in the background, ensuring data compliance without active work from your company’s end. The average employee using your Salesforce solution won’t need to interact with the API at all, only noticing it if certain data fields (name, date-of-birth, etc.) are redacted when viewing data from another country where the company operates. 

The cloud has changed everything, and workloads have become centralized to make use of it. However, the emerging global trend towards more data sovereignty and less globalization, challenges this shift. As markets are finally opening up and opportunities reveal themselves, global companies cannot let this trend challenge their expansion plan. With InCountry handling these challenges for them, they are free to continue using Salesforce, having peace of mind that their company data is compliant with local regulations. 

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