March 15, 2021

Announcing InCountry Docs for Developers

Announcing InCountry Docs for Developers

Today we’re pleased to announce InCountry’s new documentation site. We are arming developers with the knowledge and tools to extend and localize business applications and data in more countries while staying compliant with local data regulations. We’ve included numerous resources outlining our SDK, API, Proxy, and SaaS integrations. 

From developers to developers

Empowering development teams to be more self-service and independent of a busy centralized operations team enables them to serve the business quickly. We’re witnessing this first hand as we speak with dev teams who are inching ever so closely to their company’s business groups.

InCountry lies between the intersection of data compliance and infrastructure software, and the way to solve such problems is evolving into letting the business make purchase decisions. IT focuses on infrastructure and policies while empowering developers to exercise tremendous ownership. With a comprehensive data compliance stack, developers can own the solution, build it, deploy it, and cover much if not all of its support. 

incountry docs portal


As InCountry’s content has grown, it’s become apparent we need to organize technical information in a way that is easier for our customers. We also needed a place to document our own software offerings fully. 

A plethora of tools to match your app

The new site offers easily accessible information for the InCountry platform. The first is the SDK suite, our rapidly growing tools get developers started and extend their applications on top of the InCountry platform. You’ll find a start guide for our Pythonnode.js, and JAVA SDKs.

For developers looking to extend and localize SaaS applications, our REST API gives them quick integration and data residency services to connect their apps. We’ve been amazed by what our SaaS partners have built on their own using our API and the new revenue streams in the new countries it has given them; for example, check out what our friends at Okta managed to build on their own.

The third documented offering is InCountry Border, our codeless proxy services, which can be utilized when neither our SDKs nor API are applicable.

incountry border

Finally, partnering and serving Salesforce customers worldwide has been an incredible journey; our Salesforce solutions have come up a long way, and its documentation is evolving every day. Be on the lookout for more exciting news on that front. 

incountry for salesforce

The documentation site brings together configuration and installation instructions and the contents of all release notes for each tool. As developers build, they are more than welcome to contact us so that InCountry certifies and supports their integrations for enterprise deployments. Most of our customers depend on them. 

In the future, we plan to add additional categories of content, including: 

  1. Developer guides containing tutorials with code examples and detailed guidance on your favorite programming languages. 
  2. We will also cover tips for integration with SaaS apps like Okta and ServiceNow. This information is based on our experience advising customers to build data residency for their apps.

Solving for data residency has always been looked at as a complicated challenge that can only be solved by investing in a large ecosystem. By empowering developers with our tools, we’re enabling them to build a scalable and repeatable integration to their apps.

If there’s something you’ve wanted to learn about InCountry, please don’t hesitate to contact us. You can look forward to seeing more exciting updates and materials soon!