August 20, 2019

Ensuring Data Privacy and Compliance on a Global Scale

Ensuring Data Privacy and Compliance on a Global Scale

Last week, Greg Nibler of Digital Trends Live interviewed InCountry CEO Peter Yared. The topic of discussion, “How to Ensure Data Privacy and Compliance on a Global Scale,” is highly topical in the age of data breaches and privacy violations. Many thanks to Greg and Digital Trends for the opportunity to tell the world how InCountry enables data residency-as-a-service for international businesses.

Watch the interview on Digital Trends.

Here are the interview highlights:

  • More and more countries are imposing regulations laws on the collection, management, and storage of their citizens’ personal data.
  • Data localization laws, in particular, are a growing challenge for international companies. From Australia to Vietnam, almost 100 countries currently require companies to physically store their citizens’ data within the country of origin. These laws vary by specific country and are evolving every day. Companies with multinational operations face a confusing, fragmented landscape and risky business conditions. Non-compliance means hefty fines, or worse, banishment from a country (e.g., LinkedIn and Russia).
  • InCountry ensures data compliance for international companies by making sure that people’s data stays within the country of origin. We have data centers in 50 countries and provide secure storage of mission-critical data in its originating country.
  • Think of InCountry as the Deloitte of data: we help you navigate the complexity of global data regulation and ensure you’re compliant.
  • InCountry does not store data related to people’s personal communications, photos, text messages, social media
  • InCountry does store the following:
    • Profile/registration data
    • Transaction data
    • Payment data
    • Health data

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