April 18, 2023

Charket and InCountry partner to provide an end-to-end CRM data residency solution for Salesforce customers operating in China

Charket and InCountry partner to provide an end-to-end CRM data residency solution for Salesforce customers operating in China

Manage fully compliant lead generation from Chinese prospects while still using a single global Salesforce org

Charket is a provider that enables social platforms like WeChat, WeCom, LINE, WhatsApp, and SMS to be directly integrated with Salesforce. Charket is now fully integrated with InCountry to ensure full data residency in compliance with PIPL and other Chinese data laws. Salesforce developers can use the combined solution to create and use customized solutions with Salesforce features including data schema, workflow rules, PB processes, and Apex codes.

The solution, built with Charket and InCountry’s AppExchange applications, allows Salesforce customers to provide an end-to-end engagement experience for their WeChat customers while also ensuring that their sensitive personal data is stored in China.

Here are some highlights of the combined solution:

  1. Salesforce customers can now generate sales leads from WeChat users, nurture and qualify them through WeChat marketing automation, close successful deals via social selling, and satisfy customers by providing them with support through WeChat. These functions are possible through the seamless integration between WeChat/WeCom and Salesforce CRM. All data required for these activities are secured by partnering with InCountry.
  2. The solution makes it possible to meet data residency requirements by securely storing sensitive WeChat user information in Mainland China-hosted servers. InCountry’s data residency-as-a-service solution enables this.
  3. Salesforce customers are not required to redesign their marketing, sales, and customer service processes to become compliant with the PIPL. The implementation effort is minimal as InCountry has a ready-made solution for data compliance.

How does the combined solution work?

The Charket and InCountry solutions are simple to implement. Here’s how it works:

  1. Users are required to identify the fields in a Charket form that store sensitive personal information. The contents of such fields are transported and stored on InCountry servers within China.
  2. After storing sensitive field values, InCountry servers send their redacted counterparts to Salesforce to meet data integrity requirements in the Salesforce setup.
  3. The Lightning components provided by the InCountry AppExchange application are used to view and edit sensitive field values. Only Salesforce users from China are permitted access to such components.
  4. The InCountry AppExchange application also offers a reporting feature for meeting data analytics requirements.
  5. Charket and InCountry seek to give Salesforce customers access to the most secure and PIPL-compliant social CRM solution in China through our AppExchange applications and technical expertise in Salesforce CRM.

How does InCountry benefit multinational companies to comply with Chinese data laws?

Compliance is not a one-off task but an ongoing concern for many companies. Without compliance, a company may run into problems with other businesses, cybercriminals, the government, workers, and customers.

The good news is that InCountry has created a smart solution that ensures data security and compliance. This is an all-inclusive answer to the problem of compliance with data privacy laws.

Currently, InCountry provides data residency-as-a-service in all countries around the world. This means that global companies do not have to worry about residency laws. The InCountry data localization solution also stores client data in the most secure data centers available in each nation.

InCountry’s Salesforce data residency solution helps organizations remain fully compliant with data transfers across countries.

InCountry stays ahead of the latest data privacy trends and is the best bet for real-time data compliance. We use highly specialized technology like encryption, redaction, firewalls, etc., to offer secure communication between data stores using high-level encryption that no one else can access.

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