February 22, 2021

Four Reasons Why System Integrators Should Add Data residency services to their product portfolio

Four Reasons Why System Integrators Should Add Data residency services to their product portfolio

According to independent research, the Global Systems Integration market will reach $59.5 Billion by 2027. In 2020, like most businesses, Systems Integrators (SIs) faced  many challenges but also growing opportunities. Business automation boomed, while fast-growing cloud computing technology and bundled products introduced new possibilities.

But still a question lingers: how to choose the right offering for clients and propose best-in-class solutions that take data residency into consideration?  This has become a critical issue for SIs worldwide. 

From its very first deal, InCountry has been working closely with large and small system integrators. We deal with data residency and data compliance challenges every day and help our fast-growing partner ecosystem successfully navigate these waters. Let’s discuss the main reasons why system integrators should add data residency services to their product portfolio. 

Digital transformation 

Digital transformation is omnipresent in virtually every industry. Many companies are seeking to combine their most essential services and processes into one stack. System integration experts – companies capable of integrating multiple pieces of software and hardware into a blended environment – are therefore becoming more valuable than ever. 

First and most common characteristic of the business environment after Covid19 – full digitisation and increasing investment by a majority of companies into new technologies and related processes.

Digital transformation is impacting the growth of automation, creating changes in communication processes, leading to a growing amount of data to manage. Beyond the deployment of technology, global system integrators are playing key roles as strategists and customers’ trusted advisors.

Customer focus is shifting towards the ability to manage the increasing flow of data, safely. There is a growing interest in solutions that are secure, flexibly adapt to regulatory requirements, and can easily integrate with different internal systems. 

Fast-growing regulatory environment

Personal data is rapidly becoming the most critical part of the digital economy in a majority of countries. However, we often hear about new regulations regarding data storage and processing in different counties. According to UNCTAD, 128 out of 194 countries have rolled out legislation for the protection of data and privacy. 

Cross-border data residency compliance is a lot harder than most businesses realize. System integrators have to be prepared to support their clients as these need to deploy software systems in multiple jurisdictions where data residency regulations exist. 


Global landscape of data protection regulations

New service offering for clients who want to operate outside their country

As a system operator, the more global your customer’s reach is, the more global the offerings you propose need to be. Today businesses need increasingly flexible integration solutions that easily incorporate compliance requirements.

Without a proper answer, data localization measures could limit businesses’ ability to channel global capital and data flows into a market, and this limits an Integrator’s ability to support those businesses’ activities outside the local jurisdiction.

There are several countries, where on-prem solutions for highly regulated industries are still offered, but sticking to such models can impose considerable limitations for choosing modern applications. In this day and age where the cloud deliver so much, only those businesses with the internal resources to scope out the requirements for each jurisdiction they plan to operate in, and can afford the ongoing investment that comes from building local infrastructure to process and house the data, can consider this.

Even then, the regulatory environment is always shifting, and building a sustainable, flexible and efficient solution to handle regulated data in each jurisdiction remains a challenge for IT departments.

InCountry helps SIs recommend and deploy solutions that help their customers adopt modern enterprise applications that are compliant with the applicable data residency regulations.

As a system integrator, your service offerings will expand to include data protection compliance offering that can help meet your clients’ local and global needs. 

Holistic approach for a cloud-based solutions 

Today more than ever, businesses are starting to operate in the cloud. SIs are an important part of the ecosystem and can play a key role for their customers. If your customer operates in highly regulated countries and needs help to adopt modern applications, then the InCountry platform can help you meet their challenges.

Integrations can be tailored to customer needs, are compliance-ready and are regularly audited. InCountry takes care of all these complicated processes enabling SIs to focus on providing additional value to their clients. 

For System integrators working with clients adopting modern cloud applications yet worried about data compliance, the InCountry platform helps accelerate this journey.

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