August 07, 2023

Introducing Data Residency-as-a-Service 2.0

Introducing Data Residency-as-a-Service 2.0

The InCountry team is excited to launch our next generation data residency solution: Data Residency-as-a-Service 2.0. DRaaS 2.0 offers developer self-service for all of the deep data residency services that InCountry has implemented for our Salesforce managed package, ServiceNow application, and other implementations.

InCountry’s residency solution is used by companies ranging from stock exchanges to top life sciences companies, and we have assisted customers gain regulatory approval in complex jurisdictions ranging from the Chinese Ministry of Public Security to the Saudi Arabian Monetary Agency.

Developer self-service to all residency services

InCountry’s DRaaS 2.0 is fully self-service and mostly codeless for developers and developer operations to add data residency to global apps. A core thesis of DRaaS 2.0 is to integrate with existing applications using three well-known application patterns: transforming web services on the fly, using external vaults to manage regulated data like credit cards, and using a CDN to expand an application globally.

DRaaS 2.0’s border services integrate between an application’s front-end and back-end and offer in-country services to redact and re-insert regulated data from existing web service flows that create, read, update, and delete data. Full local control of regulated data is provided with additional services including search, functions, E-mail, file management, and payments. The reporting service enables both detailed reporting within a country and anonymized aggregate reporting outside of a country.

Securely built for global compliance

InCountry’s data firewall’s data loss prevention ensures that regulated data remains within a country and only permitted data crosses borders. Our data vault securely and compliantly stores and processes data with auditable logging, provenance, and a variety of tokenization and encryption options. Your apps and identity provider continue to provide authentication and authorization for data held within InCountry.

Why InCountry?

When multinational companies needed to optimize data delivery across the globe, it was much more efficient to use CDNs rather than building out content delivery infrastructure. Now that regulated data must remain within numerous countries, InCountry offers a proven infrastructure that already meets the regulatory requirements of each jurisdiction. Companies should focus on growing their business in each country rather than on data infrastructure.

Learn more about DRaaS 2.0 on InCountry’s website.